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Introduces BLUE THUMB Pickups

The Finest Pickup You Have Ever Experienced

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The early goal of RTT Music was to develop and produce a guitar pickup that would stand above all others on the market.

After a few years of development a unique design was produced that eventually led to an issued patent. During that time, a decision was made to produce a small number of world class guitars under the Timberwolf® name in order to showcase the pickups. Then, after careful consideration, production of Timberwolf® Guitars was stopped in early 2016 and Timberwolf as a brand put into hibernation.

Now the evolution continues with Blue Thumb® Pickups.

With a new patent just issued for the Attitude Adjuster® , Blue Thumb® is offering individually hand crafted, hand wound pickups that are the most sonically pure and sensitive guitar pickup you’re likely to find anywhere.  And with the additional options offered by the Attitude Adjuster®, the most flexible!

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The First Blue Thumb Pickup is a 6 pole, low noise single coil pickup.

The design allows the Attitude Adjuster to be mounted on the top side of the pickup.

Changing from one Attitude to another is so simple -

Loosen 2 stainless steel screws, slide off one Attitude Adjuster and slide another one on.  

No need to change pickup height, loosen or remove strings.  

The entire process takes mere seconds.

Attitude Adjusters are available in Standard, Standard Lite, Brite Bite or

Smooth & Low….Individually or as a complete set.

Coil wire is directly wound to the poles and available in a number of wire gauges.

Blue Thumb Attitude Adjuster Pickups are available in Blue, Black, Red, Yellow  and Green

Attitude Adjuster Loaded onto Pickup

Attitude Adjuster Mou

Bottom View of Attitude Adjuster

Bottom View of Pickup